Design & Development

Get most out of your website with an explicit design and development. Customize all features and functions based on your brand identity, corporate culture and the audience appeal.

We use HTML5, CSS3, javascript, MVC and Neo4j Graph Data base, all responsive designs for any device to make sure your website leave a lasting imprecision.

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UI/UX and mobile design

According to researches your website has to make an impression within 2 seconds if you want your audience not click away your page instantly. This shows how design and user interface became important. It’s not just about graphics. Functionality, Usability, information architecture; The Whole User Experience (UI) matters. You have to deliver your best, whether it's Desktops, Tablets or Mobile phones. We do make sure of that.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Sure you have great website (especially if it is a HomaTech design) but it's never enough. You have to reach your audience and show them why you’re better than your competitors which can be a lot. All search engines have an algorithm that shows in you in results based on user requirement. We know how the algorithm works and have mastered the ways to optimize your website for search engines and make the best of it.
Learn more about SEO services, how it works why you should have it done.

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E-Commerce and Online Shop

HomaTech has a lot to offer when comes to Ecommerce. From designing a remarkable online shop as the first step to making an impact on customers and increasing your sales as a goal. Managing your store, Marketing strategy and advertisement that can be a breakthrough for your business, is part of our Ecommerce program services.

We have created a fully modular “online-shop builder” that can be customized based on demand for an effective cost, smarter investment and suitable with any budget.

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Content Management (CMS)

The CMS (Content Management System) allows you to control and administer your website in-house: create web pages and blog posts. Edit text; manage content or products and articles.
Setup multiple staff logins
HomaTech CMS lets you to create unlimited staff accounts for your website. These accounts are used to log in to the administration area where you manage your website.
You can restrict permission of staff accounts so that only certain people can process orders, manage inventory, manage the blog and web pages.

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Branding and Digital Marketing

We all know the importance of Marketing and Advertising and why is inevitable. In digital age the ways have become complicated and how professional approach is curtailed. We help you come up with an strategy and plan that can increase your traffic to the most. Whether it is PR & Commutations, Brand strategy, sales presentation, product rollout or a campaign; we offer all with short-term and long-term planning in order to keep your ongoing business to be original and reach the audience in the right time at the right place.
Learn more about Digital strategy, Advertising services and how you can stand out from others.

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Social Media

You want your audience must know how much you care about them. A simple solution is getting in touch with them more often, not just on your webpage or through an official email, it should be at the place that is more personal and where they spend most of their time.
Social networks and media appearances will not just increase your traffic view but also could help you build trust and have great connation with your audience by informing about your business and your corporate culture in the ways that are popular and will have the most impact.

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