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The on-demand economy is attracting more than 22.4 million consumers annually and $57.6 billion in spending. Companies like Uber achieved massive success not by inventing new products or categories. The on-demand economy is all about “now" and "transparency.

On demand platform

Homa powers on-demand service experiences by providing those contractors with an intuitive platform to assign, manage, and communicate service details automatically to the customer via their mobile device.

  • On-Demand Food
  • On-Demand Delivery (like Roadie)
  • On-Demand Gardening
  • On-Demand Labor
  • On-Demand Taxi (like Uber)
  • On-Demand Pet Cleaning
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Our Solution

Users app
Drivers app
Admin dashboard with analytics
Fully functional website

Real-time Performance Data

Gain insight by aggregating performance data from the field during the service delivery process. With Homa, get deep analytics into your customer experience including compliance, time-to-schedule, real-time appointment status updates.

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Our on demand app have the following characteristics:

Customizable according to needs

Scalable architecture

Attractive and Engaging UI


On My Way

mobile and desktop apps, real-time tracking and "on my way" status notifications.